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This is the stage where trichomes are producing their highest concentration of terpenes, and your garden is certainly going to try to show them off to you and perhaps to your neighbors. At this point, you may want to consider more rigorous odor management practices such as odor absorbing gels. These products work by attaching to odors and replacing them with other, more appealing scents.

Keep in mind that odor gels do not eliminate odors, but simply mask them. Odor eliminating sprays help a bunch as well, but they operate under the same principle, not actually removing odors, but simply making them more pleasant. Filters in a flowering garden can serve one of two purposes. With CO2 supplemented air or in rooms very high in CO2, filters can be placed on the floor to recycle scrubbed air back into your space. However, most rooms utilize carbon filters with an exhaust, a great way to not only redistribute heat, but stale, depleted air as well.

Carbon filters come in different shapes and sizes and can be complemented by the addition of a duct fan. This will either serve to circulate contaminated air though your filter or to exhaust clean air out from your filter with the assistance of some ducting. Not all carbon filters are created equal, so be sure to purchase a reputable model.

Filters come in various shapes as well, so outfitting a model that fits your space is key. Like fans, carbon filters are also characterized by CFM rating. In many cases, the CFM rating and ducting diameter of your fan and filter will coincide. Most of the time, carbon filters are at their peak productivity when positioned at the highest point in your grow space.

This is where the most heat will accumulate. What this setup cannot eliminate on its own can be easily supplemented with an odor eliminating spray or gel. Furthermore, carbon scrubbed environments can bring the airborne bacterial counts in your space from a whopping 10, parts per million ppm all the way down to as low as 30ppm. Remember to always be courteous when growing indoor cannabis and understand that the odors associated with this hobby are not equally pleasing to everyone.

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Employing any one or combination of these systems will not cost you too much out of pocket, and the investment at the end of the day should pay itself over in the silence of your unhindered friends, family, and neighbors. I just wanted to address this point for a second. Growing your beauty business by growing your profits enables you to have more options. You could use it to replace or improve your equipment. This would simply mean a better experience for them. Growing your business could mean redecorating your salon, taking on a new product range, refurbishing a treatment room or your manicure area.

It might mean expanding the salon, training you and your team in new treatments and techniques, opening a new branch or taking on new staff members. It could even simply mean that you are able to spend more time with your preferred clients to give them an even better level of service than you currently offer.

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So wanting to grow your business by growing your profit is NOT a thing to be remotely ashamed of in any way. You are probably thinking then that there are hundreds of ways to grow your business, but would it surprise you to know that there are actually just 5 straightforward ways to grow your beauty business, indeed any business!

Sure, there are many variations on strategies. Just before we dive in to the detail, I have created a workbook for this article. We are about to look at a number of examples of how each of the 5 ways to grow affects a salon. To help apply these figures to your salon you can download the workbook and see how each one might affect your profits? Then you will undoubtably make more money and the result is your business will grow. Another way to do this is to increase the amount of money each client spends with you during each visit. This could be an up-sell on treatments, an upgraded treatment, an additional treatment or possibly retail purchases to complement their treatments.

Increase Prices — This one is fairly straightforward. If every time a client comes to see you they pay a little more for their treatments than they do now, it means that you are earning a little more money for each treatment you perform.

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Same number of customers, same number of treatments, same costs. Improve Efficiency — This is the trickiest one to achieve as efficiency deals with squeezing more out of what you already have. In general it is a function of reducing costs without reducing your offering or getting more for what you are already spending which could be in terms of purchases, premises or people. If you have team members who are not fully booked, but you are paying them anyway.

The only problem is that you would need to find these new customers in the first place and to do this will likely require some form of marketing which might increase your costs. The increase in cost must be more than recovered by the increased business to make it worthwhile. An example I am often quoted here by salon and spa owners is that of putting pressure on suppliers to give a discount or reduce their prices on retail and professional products. You, who drove them down on price or your competition who happily pays the standard price?

So those are the 5 ways to grow, but which option delivers the best results or are they all pretty much equal? Well the answer is that they are NOT all equal and one option delivers consistently and substantially better results than the others! In fact while I was researching this article and combing through case studies and examples I was amazed by the results in that one option delivers nearly the same results as all the other four put together!

To find which option works best I needed to find clear examples of each method being used by a spa, salon or other beauty business. This is a good quality LED grow light for a great price.

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Dimmable LED grow lights are a great way to add a whole new level of customization to your grow op. Dimmable LEDs have a dimmer switch that allows you to gently move between veg and flower and adjust the percentage of each to whatever level you want. This means that you can have a completely custom setting for cloning, seedlings, early and late veg, and early and late bloom, which can definitely increase your yield and the overall health of your plants.

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This is great for experienced growers who want to take their grow to the next level. It also comes with a two year warranty. GalaxyHydro is one of the best known brands in hydroponic grow lights today. They are trusted by customers and well known in the cannabis community. This light bar is a fantastic design that can work great for a few plants or as a supplemental light on the edges of your larger grow op. Larger grow ops often have the problem of not getting full light coverage on the edges of their grow room.

The bigger lights are place in the middle of the grow, and sometimes reflective sheeting just does not do enough to reflect that light on the outer corners, so supplemental lighting is necessary. There is no need to spend a ton of money on expensive supplemental lights, when a single light bar like this will do the trick. This 54W light is extremely inexpensive, and it is very efficient with an aluminum housing and degree rotation.

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Light strips are taking the hydroponic gardening world by storm. These inexpensive yet powerful LEDs allow you to completely customize your grow, not only with the number and wattage of LEDs but the placement. You can purchase as much or as little as you need, and you always have the option of adding or removing lights later own. This light strip kit comes with 10W or. COB lights consist of multiple LED chips mounted directly to a copper or ceramic board, forming one single module that appears to be one light when turned on but is in reality multiple diodes.

These types of lights are unique from other LED grow lights because they put off a white light, eliminating the red or purple light in your grow room. This small light from Roleadro packs a punch at W, and is a great addition to any grow room whether small or large.