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When you are satisfied with your order on the avast website and are checking out, paste the copied code into the correct field. The online world can certainly be a fascinating place with all of the news, information, and entertainment it provides. We would be very happy if the instructions above could be helpful to you. Make sure they meet the requirements of Avast Marine promo codes prior to application. They have also made it very easy to contact their support team. Don't worry; you don't need to be a computer whiz to figure it out.

Black Friday specials from Avast Marine Works! | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

If fact, in terms of mobile antivirus this two are widely trusted and used worldwide. At m, we pursue the authenticity of coupons and deals. Just click on the coupon's button to activate it and those savings will be applied for you as you get directed to avast's site. I like it seems like it would work better. First I'm seeing this but think I'm gonna order one simply because the Purigen vid looked awesome.

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Not too different in concept to the Innovative Marine Minimax design, other than using that internal cone. I have been eyeing up the K1 kalk stirrer for a while, but, that code will push me over the edge to purchase. I've been eyeing it real hard for the past few days and will probably go ahead and pull the trigger when I get home Sunday evening I checked the site a few hours later and seen that the K1 was no longer available Did it come in?

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My tracking just updated. Got the reactor running and also have a cloudy tank. This also gave the reactor a rinsing, repeated 3 times and the water was clear. I'm also doing some work in my kitchen, cut some sheet rock but I don't see dust on top the lights. Not sure why the tank would cloud up, the animals are fine going about their normal routine before lights out. Tumbles the media really well, a seam on the cone takes away from the looks a bit. Have to find a better way to rinse the media. I get cloudy water about half the time I swap out GFO.

Avast Spyglass Reactor

No idea why but it always clears up quick with no noticeable side effects. Nvm, spotted the seam. It's not very noticeable on the small.

I'm with you on rinsing the media. Purigen wasn't an issue but GFO was a pita. I got the medium, water cleared up. I could keep a clean supply of water that way. I'll try to make something to rinse the media in the chamber without having to remove the bottom from the sump every time.

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How are you guys liking this reactor? So we feel that a special holiday sale for our loyal customers is in order! Since last Thanksgiving, we've made several major accomplishments in our first full year as Avast.

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We've introduced several new products, and delivered improvements on many others. Our ATO Kit now has the ability to easily plug into four common aquarium controllers, and gained a backup shutoff valve as well. The CS1 cone skimmer kit has a few new options, including a recirculation modification that allows easy fine-tuning of water throughput and far less sensitivity to changing sump water levels. We've also relocated to a new production facility that is over 10x larger than the little shop we started in.

CS2 Black Pearl Recirculating Cone Skimmer Unveiled by Avast Marine

The move to the new shop has allowed us to grow, resulting in hiring new employees. We're doing our part to create US manufacturing jobs!

So without further ado, our Thanksgiving super sale: While supplies last - we have a limited inventory of all types, and once they're gone, this sale is OVER! Send in your skimmer lid and let us install the Swabbie motor for you, or do it yourself with easy instructions. Either way, supply is limited, and once they're gone, sale is over!

Soon we will introduce some minor cosmetic changes to this product, so all existing stock must go to make room. Same easy-to-use functionality, so pick up a fun way to take look-down pictures of your tank! Just our way of thanking repeat customers. Sign in to your account to have the bonus discount automatically applied.