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Be warned one family had the wrong letter read out… I mean Inghams only had one job — give Santa the right letter. For us it was the best part of the day, it was so authentic. It was lovely, my daughter and my husband and I loved it despite the annoying waiting. We also thought the husky rides and reindeer excursion were very good although quite short with a lot of hanging around — the Finnish again run the excursions, you just rely on Inghams to get you there.

Be prepared — they are large groups and there is a lot of waiting for your turn. There was not much time for lunch, and other than burger king in Levi Hotel not really a huge amount in Levi for a quick lunch anyway. The Inghams package included half board. Breakfast was ok and the buffet dinner which was also ok was not our style, so we went out for a few nights into Levi and had some lovely meals.

A huge disappointment was the gala dinner.


We were put on a table which was over booked, so had to be moved on another table badly situated by the huge queue for the bar! However, we were soon joined by a lovely mother and son, who were put on a table with some other families that made her feel unwelcome. We had a lovely time with them, although there were huge queues for drinks and food it was all palatable and we expected it.

What we did not expect was that we would have to wait over three hours to see Santa. We were told on booking it was not a private meeting, but a group meeting. However, for some reason Santa actually saw each child. By 9pm we arrived at 5pm we gave up. My daughter did not get to see him. I was told by other unhappy guests that he was not worth seeing anyway as he was a different Santa than the one all the children had seen the previous day! This caused issues for many, many parents. Eventually they put some music on… but it was too late for many children.

Be prepared the Fins like it cold. We only went once — and that was enough. The bar at The Levi was nice, but almost empty and lacked atmosphere. And you have to go outside to go to the bar and restaurant which was a drag with the amount of clothes you need on. The Levi Spa housekeeping also was not great. Our room was not cleaned properly once.

The sauna in our room was great. The rest of room was modern but very small for a suite due to sofa being used as a bed for my daughter. There seemed to be lots of unhappy customers while we were there. Lots of complaining and moaning. We organised skiing for our daughter and the ski company locally in Levi were brilliant. I recommend going up the cable car to Panoramic Hotel and having some time up there.

I would recommend booking it all yourself locally.

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The tourist board will help you. I can't praise Inghams Lakes and Mountains highly enough: We now always travel in early May to arrive in time for Miglia classic car rally which is based in the historic city of Brescia and the mile route passes through the towns on the southern shore of the lake. Our comfortable outbound fight was a mid-afternoon Jet2. On both legs Jet2 staff were efficient and helpful, the aircraft looked immaculate. The only catch on the air travel was difficulty booking two seats together although we went online at midnight when the Jet2.

Strangely there were empty rows of seats on the aircraft. Hopefully this will not occur in as Jet2. However I hope Inghams and Jet2. Having known Heather almost since we first traveled to the lake we know Heather will always go that the extra mile to look after her guests.

The warmth of our welcome from Heather was matched by the welcome at the Hotel Catullo from the owner-manager Fabio Barelli and all his wonderful staff. For anyone thinking of holidaying in Italy, Lake, Garda with Inghams is an excellent choice all the lakeside resorts are good, the hotels within the historic towns are generally quite small and traditional but run to a high standard and the food! First the good news, flight out for a family of five was fine and on time.

There was plenty of snow which was good given poor start to their season. Now for the bad news, I felt the Inghams reps were far inferior to TUI reps who seemed to go out of their way to set the mood TUI reps as an example sang Xmas songs in the airport on arrival and departure - on the way back our coach rep was also flying back home as end of season and heard her say that if Inghams expected her to sing she would resign on the spot!!

Sums up their attitude sadly The Santa visit and husky reindeer trips were on time and did not involve a long time on the coach but the husky reindeer visit is short for the cost. As a family of five with three young children I was surprised we were put in a self catering log cabin which was 30mins plus walk from the supermarket.

The cabin was ok personally I would expect better for the price but that might just be my standards but on day one one of my kids said that their bed smelt of sick - on our second night said child had 24 hour vomiting bug which next day progressed to me and one of other kids - I am not apportioning blame - these things happen but it was unfortunate and led to me having to abandon the pre paid for snow mobile excursion with no refund.

Flight back with EasyJet was horrific but no ones fault but did cloud the trip further. Personally I feel that Inghams have done a good job of marketing themselves as a premium Lapland break provider with premium prices but actually are more on the budget scale than the price assumes. Yes our trip was clouded by events outside of Inghams control directly but the overall experience was that even if the other issues did not happen then the price does not justify the trip.

All in all I would sum our experience as unfortunate and not worth the cost in my view - I forgot to mention that when you arrive at your cabin I expected perhaps naively that you may find some modest Xmas decorations in the cabin given that you have spent many thousands on a Santa break for the kids - but no not even a shred of tinsel - the cost to Ingham would be neglible and the outcome vastly improved but again every ounce of profit margin is squeezed from the trip.

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I was told the magic starts from the minute you get on the plane! The staff on the flight had Santa hats and that was the only difference! The hotel Levi Spa is a building site and had a massive construction going on in the middle of it, there was no mention of this before or after booking!

The magic starts when you attend a welcome meeting in a dirty conference room with not even a bit of tinsel in sight. The Inghams reps talked for 20 minutes about how to to tag inghams in social media assumably for free advertising then gave miss information about the resort gondalla, saying it was open until 9 pmwe told the kids they could go when we arrived it was already closes at 7pm. We told the rep but he said it would be open until 9pm the following night, we tried again and to no surprise it was closed.

The staff lacked enthusiasm and there was no Christmas Spirit at all. The trips that we booked were unorganised and chaotic. No body knew what was happening or where we were being picked up. Not good when your stood in the freezing cold with small children. The kids were all upset Can you imagine the magic so far?

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We waited another 20minutes for another coach and eventually made it to see Santa. I am still in the hotel now, we were told by the Inghams reps that we would have a note through the hotel door yesterday telling us when our return transfer to the airport will arrive. Getting picked up in an hour she says. I would not recommend Inghams, I feel totally let down.

I was happy to pay a lot of money for what was supposed to be a holiday of a life time This was not! Please note this review is on Inghams service.

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I have received a response from Inghams and I am happy that they have fully looked into the issues and provided a response. They have accepted what I have said and I feel they have put measures in place to help prevent this happening again. Inghams have also offered a sum of money as a Good Will Gesture. The response I received will not change the disappointment I experienced on my break but it does restore some of my trust into Inghams. Do not use this company for Lapland use TUI or Transun to avoid you children having a tainted experience of Santas homeland. We all know our capitalist system can create companies which are undesirable for society, for example the Tobacco industry, however at least that industry targets consenting adults.

Inghams is a case on its own, a special kind company operating in the dregs of our system, one which puts profit above the most special of childhood experiences, Christmas. Snow is mentioned constantly in their literature which is aimed at getting your money. Snowy surroundings, snow men, snowballs, tobogganing in the snow, I could go on and on, they are relentless in pumping out all the snow jargon. This year there is now snow yet. Now all know that children believe that Santa lives in the Snow.

Other companies recognise this most fundamental aspect of the childhood Christmas experience. What have the other companies done, cancelled the flights over the next several days and offered either new dates or a full refund. What have INGHAMS done, they refuse to cancel or offer alternative dates, or a refund and disingenuously send you camera footage of the artificial ski slopes to 'prove' it is snowing in Lapland.

We all know its not snowing, they treat you with contempt. INGHAMS show no empathy towards that very special childhood perception of Santa living in the snow and are prepared to have children's perception of Santas home tainted for the rest of their childhoods, as long as there is no impact on their profits. It doesn't have to be this way, here is Transuns approach. Empathy, honesty and action. Transun has done so with its first two outings, saying: We have therefore cancelled our first two departures of the winter and offered affected passengers alternative dates later in December at no additional cost.

If the alternative dates were not suitable, we have offered a full refund. TUI have taken a similar approach. Transun are also honest up front about the risks of lack of no snow at end of November, this is a constant risk, as the travel companies have shifted the trips into a risk zone to increase bookings, this risk will be there every year.

At least Transun and TUI will take action if there is no snow whereas INGHAMS clearly see end of November bookings as punt worth taking, and have a customer management approach as opposed to a corrective action approach. Its much more desirable to them to train up some low paid customer service agent to manage the customer frustration than to take proper action and fix the situation. It looks like the punt has paid off then, you take the bookings in the risk zone, gobble up the extra profit, and use low paid employees to manage the problem, same again next year is it?

Im not sure how their employees get out of bed and go to work everyday to peddle this product which ruins childhood dreams. INGHAMS this is disgraceful however it is not too late, show some empathy, be honest with your customers and offer refunds or alternative dates. Everything from the flights BA to the transfers to the hotel were perfect. The reps were very good on the transfers and Suzy who took us to Salzburg for the day was great. My husband and I had to sit apart on the flight home , not a big problem we had just spent the last 14 days together.

All in all another good holiday with Inghams, already booked for Alpbach next year. I went to Wengen in Switzerland with my son a week ago and we did have a glorious stay at the Hotel Belvedere. However, we were very disappointed not to be met by the rep at Geneva airport, as promised. We searched for them for ages but had to catch the train to Wengen.

Otherwise Inghams seems a fairly reliable company. We had an awful experience on our recent holiday booked through Inghams. Flights with BA are booked as a block booking and myself and my husband were not allocated seats together and had to sit rows apart on both the outgoing and incoming journeys. This was not acceptable but we were offered no help from Inghams, completely ignored by their rep at Salzburg and had to travel separately. I do not expect to book a holiday with my husband but be sitting with strangers on my flights instead.

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As an anxious flyer, this was a very upsetting experience for me and more disappointing than Inghams didn't want to offer any resolution and British Airways said it is the way that Inghams send bookings over as a block booking which is treated as one big party booking.

Never again. Recently returned from Austria staying at Chalet Linda absolutely spotless and superbly run with really good food the staff were so helpful especially when my husband was taken ill. We were updated when anything was going on locally and information for times of buses and trains etc was to hand. The fridge was kept well stocked with beers etc the toiletries were plentiful and of a good standard and the towels were soft. Only downsides were a squeaky bed and no plug for the washbasin!!

Thank you. Nice to be catered for. Pleasant company. Good value. Easy holidaying. Great walks and local area is fab. Well organised and rep was very helpful. Trying out another this year, coming up soon, Austria this time. We booked for a 10 day trip to Pulia Italy with Inghams 6th to 16th June. At Stanstead Airport no rep to be seen after around 10 min I saw a elderly gentleman with Inghams name tag on. When we asked him about the booking in gate , giving all the booking info he didn't know. Told us to check the screens we could have done that if we had booked the holiday ourselves.

On arrival at Brindise Airport no reps to be seen anyware. I asked a local in the Airport and he directed me to the Avis car hire outside the Airport. Checked in at Avis I was told the car booked by Inghams had changed from Fiat Panda or similar to a medium size Volvo. I asked why and was told this is the car allocated to you. My details where checked and a holding deposit taken.

I questioned why such a large amount of plus Euro's told it's to cover and additional insurance and traffic fines or parking infringements. I pointed out I have extra European cover taken out by myself for any additional insurance cover and showed then the policy. They assured me the Credit Card charge would be returned later as it's just a holding process and would be refunded after the holiday.

At the Hotel masseria Chiancone Torricella the hotel was quite good however the main evening meal is repetitive and for a 10 day stay a change of menu would have been nice after a few days. We dined in the evening with a couple also on half board for 10 days. They also had booked with Ingrams and the same comments about the evening meal was raised also.

We spoke to reception and the Waiter to ask the Chef about this ,but nothing really changed on the menu. The other couple also said they flew into Bari farther up the coast. Some of the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. But ATOL protection does not apply to all holiday and travel services listed on this website. This website will provide you with information on the protection that applies in the case of each holiday and travel service offered before you make your booking.

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