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You still must use their respective apps, but it's a nice benefit.

Vudu supports UltraViolet, which is a digital locker that gives you access to digital copies of DVD and Blu-ray titles. Vudu also offers some movies for free with advertisements. Vudu has perhaps the widest range of support for devices. Visit Vudu. While this list isn't to be interpreted as best-to-worst, Google Play gets the second mention based mainly on the ability to stream their offerings on a wider range of devices than Amazon Instant Video or Apple's iTunes movies and television.

Apple vs. Amazon vs. Google vs. Vudu

It's easy to trust Vudu's neutrality in the war over our digital video lockbox because they don't have a device they are trying to push. Google's Android, Chrome and Chromecast platforms don't exactly make them Switzerland, but they've played nice in the war for our living rooms.

Where Should You Buy Your Digital Movies?

Google's philosophy is more about providing the opportunity to watch on the largest range of devices rather than battling it out for platform dominance. Google Play offers some titles in UHD, but these titles aren't marked in the store, so it can be difficult to know if any particular movie is available in UHD until you go to buy it. Google Play isn't available for Apple TV yet?

Visit Google Play. One of the first to offer streaming video, movies, TV shows, and rentals and still a leader in terms of stability and performance. As you can imagine, Apple's ecosystem works great together. You can also download movies to your desktop or laptop and well as your iPhone or iPad, so you can enjoy your collection offline. What you can't do is watch anything on Android. Or Roku.

Or your Smart TV.

Or that Blu-Ray player with all the streaming apps. Or basically anywhere besides a PC or an Apple device. That's enough to give even Apple Watch owners some doubts on whether or not to put all those eggs in Apple's basket. Apple isn't a bad choice for those who love their products. But remember, the iPhone is only 10 years old.

In ten more years, we could all be using smart devices from a company that doesn't even exist yet. And will we be able to take our movie collection with us? Despite the lack of 4K offerings, Apple is top-notch in just about every other category. They offer a great streaming service, you can download your movies to any device that can actually play them, they always have some type of deal going on, and what's better, those deals are easy to find thanks to a pretty decent interface.

Visit Apple iTunes. The tie-in with Amazon Prime video makes it easy to browse through available movies and TV from both Prime and your digital lockbox. Amazon's Prime service , which includes a Netflix-style streaming service alongside the free two-day shipping, helps make.

They also offer a selection of 4K video and allow downloads to mobile devices for offline viewing. Amazon's biggest enemy is Amazon. It would be easy to recommend Amazon's Instant Video as one of the best digital provider's except for one crazy little thing: In fact, they kicked Apple TV out of the store.

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They also don't sell Google's Chromecast, although they happily sell other devices that use the same 'cast' technology. Here's where it gets even crazier. Amazon kicked these products out of their store because they don't work with Amazon's Prime and Instant Video services even though the only reason those devices can't show Amazon's video is because Amazon hasn't put out an app in the case of Apple TV or modified their app in the case of Chromecast to work with those devices.

Should this worry you enough to use another service? Amazon is willing to deny access to their video services in order to better compete with Apple and Google. Is Roku next? While Amazon doesn't exactly play nice with others, Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant video are available on a wide range of devices, including the iPhone and iPad. Visit Amazon Instant Video. It's all well and good to list out the various options for your digital video lockbox, but what about those companies you should avoid at all costs?

Finding Movie Digital Download Coupons and Offers

Obviously, if you've never heard of the company, you shouldn't trust them with your movie collection. We've all heard of Apple and Google and Amazon, which makes us more comfortable doing business with them. But what about your cable company? It might seem easy to purchase movies directly from your cable provider, but it really becomes just one more thing that locks you into the service.

While some companies offer ways to view your purchases after you end the service, it's much better to go with a company that offers more permanence. Don't like your digital library tied to one single company? Neither does Movies Anywhere. The big difference is that Movies Anywhere can actually do something about it. And the big surprise is that they actually did. This includes Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc. Share Pin Email. Check the order status - You can check Your Digital Orders to make sure the related order is complete.

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