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On April 23, , Intralinks acquired docTrackr, [9] a document security company.

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Released in April , Intralinks VIA enables users to share information outside of the network firewall. With the proper permission, users can download documents and collaborate freely together. It also has Intralinks Dealspace. Each of these offered clients a platform to find partners for mergers and acquisitions.

Intralinks merged the two firms and renamed the newly created platform DealNexus, the largest global deal sourcing network.

IntraLinks Dealspace

Once engaging in a deal, the Intralinks VDR allows parties to conduct due diligence. Intralinks maintains its corporate headquarters on the east side of Manhattan in New York City. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS Intralinks Dealspace™ for Corporate Development

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answered Feb 5, What should I look out for when choosing a virtual data room? What is the future of virtual data rooms? What is the checklist for choosing virtual data room services? Answered Nov 5, Similarly, SecureDocs offer virtual data room solution which is simple, affordable, secure and has the features to get deals completed. The must-play city building game of Journey through the ages and create a mighty empire in this award-winning game. We've used Merrill and Donnelly and also had targets use Intralinks so we are familiar with them.

We've also used some others. Almost like a cellphone plan, if you go above your page allocation, each additional page scanned is an additional charge so if you don't watch that, it can get pricey. Similarly, if you order multiple sets of DVDs at closing of the files, it'll cost extra. We've also had success using internal solutions or white labeled solutions that a seller's counsel will run, but sometimes we or the other side want a separate third party to host.

Also, its helpful to have 24x7 customer support and other features for some deals when the people uploading or accessing the documents may not be super technical. Updated Dec 7, I have successfully used a Box. Everything worked fine with the basic free account. This price is probably always changing, so take these numbers with a grain of salt; and You will probably need to set up at least different workspaces in Box.

Updated Oct 8, Answered Feb 8, We understand the importance of collaboration. Whether it be internally, or externally with your client, users need to be able to work with other users within the platform. This is why we offer unlimited users. Teams can add as many users as they need to get the deal closed quickly. To invite a new user, all you have to do is simply put in an email and send the invite.

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Unlike with traditional VDRs such as Intralinks, new users are responsible for putting in all their own information. With DealRoom, all due diligence can go through the platform. Because of this, insightful analytics are captured that would otherwise be lost when users do a bulk download from a traditional VDR like Intralinks. Analytics are also captured on user, document, and file activity.

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They are displayed using progress charts, tables, heat maps, and more. Apply filters such as date range, groups, lists, and priority to find exactly what you are looking for. All analytics can be exported into a PDF for convenient reporting. Our software was specifically designed with a simple interface to make it user friendly. Users can start uploading documents and creating diligence tasks within minutes. However, we understand that our software is different from traditional VDRs, like Intralinks, that teams are accustomed to. In order to assist with the learning curve, we have a library of short help guide videos users can watch.

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  5. If users still have a question or concern, our customer support team is only a quick call, chat, or email away. Commonly, due diligence tracking occurs on Excel spreadsheets and teams have to pass an Excel tracker back and forth. This method can be very time consuming and cause version control issues.

    With DealRoom, all diligence can run through the platform. Users can create new diligence request, attach documents and files, assign roles, set due dates and more. And everything is updated in real time. We want our customers and their clients to have the best diligence software experience possible, even with services that go beyond our direct realms.